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20 Year History

As Thomas Jefferson alluded to in the “Declaration of Independence” there simply comes a time to sever alliances and establish yourselves based on your dreams, desires and capabilities. BCER’s four founders were an eclectic assembly of people with a common enjoyment of each other’s company and a respect for each other’s capabilities in the practice of engineering. We were at the outset the only quatra-lingual engineering company in the region. Barbalata was a Romanian immigrant and spoke Romanian. Cordero was an immigrant from Ecuador and spoke Spanish. Espinosa was born to a Normandy, France war bride and whose first language was French, and Robinson was from North Dakota, and spoke Scandahoovian North Dakota, “Don’t you know?”

We started the business with no clients and no projects. The first few days we were smilin’ and dialin’ as we told architects, contractors and owners what we were up to, and it wasn’t long that small projects started coming our way.

We grew very quickly, and by the end of 1996 we were a 25-person staff. By then end of 1997 we were almost 40 people. We had attracted some steady clients such as US West, now Century Link, the University of Colorado Hospital as they planned their huge change and expansion to the Fitzsimons Campus.

In 1998 we bought the land on Ward Road to build our dream of an office building. We partnered with my old friend from junior high school, Bruce DeCook and his partner John Bitzer and started the design of a new 25,000 square foot office building. The dreams were coming true, and we broke ground on the building in February of 1999 and moved into the building in November of that year. We took the second floor of the office space in hopes of leasing the first level. That happened with a few hiccups, but by the end of the year 2000 we had taken 4,000 square feet of the lower level. Today we have 20,000 square feet of the building with a wonderful tenant in Centennial Engineering taking the balance of 5,000 square feet.

The company now operates in 5 distinct service areas. They are the MEP Division servicing large commercial, industrial, and healthcare sectors; the Tenant Development Division servicing exclusively the Office Tenant sector; the Telecom Division servicing long standing clients, AT&T and Century Link for their switching and network facilities; the Life Safety/Fire Protection Division servicing all business sectors with their specialized service in synergy and integration with the MEP Division and direct service to Government agencies and Corporate Owners; and Rimrock Technology servicing all design and construction areas with their specific Low-Voltage systems design.

Vision for the Future

We have a Vision for the future of “Being a recognized leader in the transformation of our industry” by 2019. We believe our concept of servant leadership with help us arrive at this vision. The baton is being passed to a new generation of talented, hard-working and fun-loving people. They will drive our company to becoming that “Recognized Leader”. It will be exciting to see how the transformation unfolds for the betterment of everybody associated with BCER Engineering.

The BCER Story Video

The BCER Celebrating 20 Years Video


Rom Cordero

In memory of Rom Cordero \ October 31, 1938 – October 7, 2014The company and its shareholders will never forget the impact that Rom Cordero has left on the company. His dedication, his inquisitive spirit and sense of excellence will hale in the halls of the company as he has passed on those very traits to the next generation. He will be missed, but by his own imprint on life, will never be forgotten.

In memory of Rom Cordero | October 31, 1938 – October 7, 2014




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