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Life Safety Services > Fire Protection Engineering

The BCER Fire Protection Engineering group provides state of the art fire protection design solutions to complex and unique building types. BCER works to provide a reasonable solution while complying with design criteria in NFPA Standards, Uniform Facilities Criteria, GSA P-100 Fire Protection Design Criteria and other nationally recognized standards. BCER can develop and provide ‘performance based design solutions’ utilizing fire protection engineering programs such as CFD, FDS, AutoSprink and other programs and computational solutions. BCER has significant experience in the fire protection engineering design of sprinkler systems, standpipe systems, water mist systems, special extinguishment systems, fire alarm systems, mass notification systems and smoke control system design.

DOTERRA –  BCER provided CFD smoke modeling analysis for the new worldwide headquarters of doTERRA Essential Oils.  This included modeling of the fuel package, atrium space and determining the required exhaust and makeup air flow rates.  The project was done using Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS), and was evaluated to the IFC and NFPA 92 requirements. Click here to view video! 

RITZ CARLTON, VAIL – BCER provided modeling for the mixed-use Ritz Carlton Marriott Condominium / Timeshare project in Vail, of the existing smoke control system to prove compliance with the Marriott standards for visibility and tenability within the floor corridor spaces.  The model was analyzed using the expected fuel package in the area, and providing makeup air locations within the corridor and stair core.  This project was done using ANSYS AirPak Building CFD program. Click here to view video!

HYATT –  provided smoke control modeling for the Hyatt Regency Denver at Colorado Convention Center and Hotel multi-level atrium spaces.  This modeling was performed to analyze the functionality of the existing smoke control system to show the spread of smoke when the system was activated by the maximum expected fuel package in the atrium area.  This project was done using Autodesk Simulation CFD program, and was modeled to reflect all portions of the existing smoke control system.
Click here to view video!

STRATA, VAIL – BCER provided smoke control modeling for the mixed-use Strata Condominium project in Vail.  The intent of this project was to provide exhaust fan sizing capable of clearing a dwelling unit in post-fire conditions of harmful particulates and contaminants.  This model was evaluated to the Town of Vail requirements for the smoke control system, and was modeled using the Autodesk Simulation CFD program. Click here to view video!