Welcome to the website of BCER Engineering and thanks for taking an inside look at our company. When we started the company in 1994 we would never have imagined three major accomplishments. One, to have had the privilege to be a part of and complete some of the outstanding projects in our region; it is indeed gratifying and humbling. Two, to have an incredibly professional, competent, hardworking and fun staff that knows and understands the meaning of the word ‘service’.  And three, to have experienced the personal joy of rubbing shoulders with bright and caring colleagues, who, in the process of doing our daily work, share generous emotions and warm reconciliations on a daily basis; it is the essence of life and true relationship.

We welcome you to take some time to view a video about the “BCER Story”.
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Mission Statement

Believing that true and honest relationships are the key to happiness and success, BCER Engineering will strive toward the development of that kind of relationship with all its clients and employees.

  • We will do this by always working hard at our quality by paying careful attention to our clients’ needs and our engineering product.
  • We will be vigilant about always being a friendly and fun company both with our clients and ourselves.
  • We will be able to laugh at ourselves and yet know the serious nature of our work.
  • We care not to be a large company, but one that is excellent in all that it does.
  • We will be flexible and endeavor to acknowledge another point of view.
  • Our integrity will be found in walking our talk and the caring of others.