Energy Star Labeling

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Some building owners who have made great strides in achieving significant energy savings but have not been able to successfully meet all the requirements of some of the existing green rating systems still have an option to be recognized for their energy saving efforts. The DOE’s Energy Star program is not just for refrigerators and televisions. The Energy Star program offers labeling of commercial buildings based on their actual energy consumption relative to other buildings serving the same function. Thus achieving and Energy Star label proves that your building not only projected energy savings, but actually achieved energy savings. BCER can aide owners and design teams in “designing for Energy Star” and providing the follow up services required to achieve the label. Energy Star is not for every building but is a great option for many. Although Energy Star is a relatively low cost option for demonstrating exceptional energy performance it does require ongoing demonstration of building performance and annual label renewal. These services can also be provided by BCER as needed.