Life Safety

Life Safety


BCER’s Life Safety Group provides state-of-the-art fire protection and life safety solutions to complex and unique building projects. These services will benefit your proposed or existing project.  BCER Life Safety utilizes an “engineered systems approach” in the development of these code consulting services.  Our involvement and solutions are always intended to meet the creative needs of the Owner and Architect while meeting the spirit and intent of the building and fire codes. In the accomplishment of these solutions our team will develop solutions and educate the design team as well as the building and fire code official throughout the design and construction process. Our expertise is notable in the negotiation of ‘win – win’ engineered solutions while never compromising the integrity of the building fire protection systems or the life safety of the users.

When developing solutions to complex life safety issues we utilize a concept of Fire Protection Architecture. Fire Protection Architecture is a combination of professional disciplines… including Fire Protection, Fire Protection Engineering, Architecture and Politics. This includes:

Fire Protection – the study and practice of mitigating the unwanted effects of fire involves understanding fire behavior, human behavior, compartmentalization and suppression.  Discipline provided by public fire service or fire department.

Fire Protection Engineering – the application of science and engineering principles to protect people and environments from the destructive effects of fire and smoke…

Architecture – the discipline of dealing with principles of design, construction, and ornamentation of unique and complex buildings. Architecture and eloquence are mixed arts, whose end are sometimes beauty and sometimes use.

This approach combined with our understanding of government agencies such as the building and fire department we are able to influence our solutions with regulatory agencies while maintaining the spirit and intent of the adopted codes and standards.



Life Safety


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