Telecommunications Systems

  • UW- IT Facility and Data Center
  • UW - Anthropology Building
  • UW - Buchanan Center For The Performing Arts
  • UW - Wyoming Technology Business Center
  • CAM Tivoli - Denver, Colorado
  • PIC / Roosevelt High School - Casper, Wyoming
  • UW - Michael B. Enzi Stem Building
  • Cheyenne Public Safety - Cheyenne, Wyoming
  • UW - Marian H. Rochelle Gateway
Technology Services > Telecommunications Systems

The Telecommunications Systems and Infrastructure or Structured Cabling System provides the infrastructure necessary to support various data, voice, and other communications systems and applications through the use of Communications Rooms and Cabling.  Communications rooms are rooms and areas where communications cabling systems are terminated and equipment is installed.  The cabling system primarily consists of cable, termination equipment, and connectors.  Rimrock designs the communication rooms, backbone cabling, server rooms and/or data centers, and outlet cabling for voice/data and wireless systems to support a facility’s telecommunication systems.