BCER has a strong history of executive leadership, continuing with David Hughes stepping into the role of President in 2017.  Marc Espinosa – the “E” in BCER – began leading the company at its inception in 1994, retiring in 2015.  Steve Rondinelli served as BCER President from 2015 to 2017, guiding us skillfully through our transition to a new generation of leaders.

One of the foundational philosophies of BCER Engineering is the creation of conditions in which a Leadership Culture thrives. Our engineers, designers, and project managers are empowered to fully use their expertise to serve our clients at the highest level. We meet the complexities of our designs with a project management structure that allows expert engineering leadership to shine where and when needed on projects. Our collaborative environment allows a nodal knowledge sharing that supports each client’s unique needs, creating success for all stakeholders.

All of our leaders bring their style, but all lead by example and embody the pillars of leadership that we embrace in our culture: integrity, humility, accountability, courage, and passion.  We empower all our employees at every level of the organization to find and develop leaders in themselves. We remain committed to their growth in the industry and communities we serve.

BCER has been blessed with the development of a great company that works hard and plays hard each and every day.



David Hughes

Managing Principal of Florida Offices

Mike Cordero

Executive Vice President

John Thompson

Business Development Manager

Keith Jones

Director of Quality Engineering

Mike Schroeder


Director of Marketing

Chris Schroeder

Director of Mechanical Engineering

Byron Ballantyne

Manager of Energy Services

Sean Beilman

Sr. Electrical Engineer

Bryan Fingland

Director of Administration

Jennifer Remy

Sr. Fire Protection Engineer

Todd Brand

AV Consultant

Andy Burkart

Director of BIM/CAD

Tim Ekstrom

Sr. Project Manager

David Hoag


Sr. Project Manager

Scott Muller

Director of Technology Operations

Travis McNair

Sr. Electrical Designer

Chris Wren

Director of Florida Offices

David Wallace

Sr. Mechanical Engineer

Kari Nelson

Mechanical Engineer

Sara Persily