Higher Education

  • CU - Institute of Behaviorial Sciences
  • University of Colorado - Williams Village
  • CSU-Morgan Library
  • American Univerisity of the Caribbean - St. Maarten
  • CSM - Marv K. Stadium
  • RVU Medical School - Ivins, Utah
  • CU - Denver College of Arts and Media Center (CAM), Denver, CO
  • CSU -The Foundry
  • CU- Williams Village East Residence Hall
  • Tivoli Student Union
  • AHEC Library
  • AHEC - Science Building
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Our team brings an understanding of the unique phasing requirements to schedule construction around the academic calendar, minimizing the impact on the students, faculty, and guests of the campus. Clients trust our expertise in higher education residence halls, athletic complexes, classrooms, laboratories, offices, and more.