BCER Engineering provides on-call multi-discipline engineering services to Century Link and AT&T. These services principally serve large switching facilities in the Rocky Mountain region and Fiber Optic network facilities throughout the United States.

This unique service has been in place since 1995 but took an intentional focus in 1999. It is then that USWEST/QWEST, now Century Link, embarked on a significant expansion and upgrade of their basic telecommunication system throughout the Rocky Mountain Region. BCER has served Century Link continuously for the past 18 years working exclusively to meet the ongoing needs of the dynamic client and industry.

Parallel to the Century Link expansion BCER assisted AT&T in creating and developing their plan for the development and construction of their nation-wide Fiber Optic Network system. BCER continues to support the expansion and modification of the Network and enhancement to the overall switching and system support throughout the country with a focus on the Western United States in the past 8 years.

BCER is currently providing design services for upgrades and renovations to multiple switching facilities for Comcast throughout the country.