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For the past 15 years BCER Engineering has been involved with over 1000 projects Nationwide involving upgrades to digital radio, fiber-optic and wireless communications networks.  This work has included upgrades to existing facilities, installation of new communications facilities and integration of new equipment into co-location (site shared by multiple users) facilities.  Scope for these projects has ranged from complete facility upgrades (AC Power/Standby AC Power and HVAC Infrastructure) to installation of new equipment into existing infrastructure.  Throughout this endeavor, it has been our commitment to integrate existing systems where applicable while meeting critical in service dates. All of this has been accomplished in more than 25 states and we have served as virtual extension of their engineering staff in the ongoing operations of AT&T systems.


Project involved design-build of a 15,000 square foot switching facility within a 135,000 square foot terminal building to support new wireless network in the MT/WY/ND region.  Scope of work included installation of a redundant chilled water plant, redundant air handling for the new equipment spaces, air sampling smoke detection, installation of a portable generator tap box and replacement of the entire standby AC Power plant.  Spaces were made operational within 3 months of notice to proceed while infrastructure modifications were sequenced such that remainder of building support systems remained active.


Project involved construction of new/renovation of existing buildings throughout the fiber network to support new high speed land services.  Buildings were typically space4 on 40 mile intervals throughout the Nation – approximately 1000 locations.  BCER was involved from conceptual assembly of the deployment plan through final inspection and commissioning of each building.  Each location consisted of caged vendor areas, redundant air handling systems and fixed/portable generator connections.


BCER provided site specific inspections nationwide of facilities where our client proposed leasing space.  Survey reports were provided outlining the potential leased sites (pros and cons) and submit for review.  These reports were used to negotiate lease terms and conditions including preferred upgrades/modifications to considered areas for lease.  BCER was complimented for their thoroughness and was credited as a long term cost saver since potential issues were outlined before equipment was deployed.


In an effort for consistency and reliability, our client is in constantly updating/revising standards for construction.  BCER has been directly involved in preparation, review and development of standards for fire protection, grounding/lightning protection, smoke detection and DDC controls.  We have had a successful dialogue and trusting relationship with our client’s Subject Matter Experts such that they rely on our input before final decisions are made.


This project started as a chiller replacement.  Upon survey, BCER discovered many issues that were causing the building to operate inefficiently.  These issues were presented for consideration and concurred with resulting in a chiller downsize of 50% capacity, introduction of outside air economizer, conversion of building from constant volume to variable air volume airflow and integration of main air handling system with entire duct network allowing for removal of (3) air handlers previously operating and no longer required.  Project resulted in a an annual energy savings of $80,000 for a 20,000 square foot facility.