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For more than 18 years BCER Engineering has serviced Century Link and its predecessors, USWEST and Qwest, in the design and construction of Central Office Switching facilities throughout the Rocky Mountain Region. This work has ranged from the large CO’s in the urban areas to the small CO’s in the remote towns of the eastern plains and in the mountain areas of the Rocky Mountain west. We have grown in capability to serve the geometric growth in technology that serves these facilities and believe we are a valued partner to Century Link in ongoing development of their telecommunication systems.


In 2011 BCER designed the replacement of one of the two Air Handling units providing conditioned air to the Critical Switch Room at the Dry Creek Central Office.  The project consisted of replacing 50 ton DX Air Handling unit that was in poor condition with a new 70 ton Air Handling unit utilizing the Building’s Chilled Water system.  By increasing the capacity of the unit, the physical footprint of the unit grew as well, requiring the Design team to get creative to fit the unit in the same room.  Due to the criticality of the Switch Room, equipment redundancy was required not only during normal operation, but also during construction.  BCER’s Design team implemented a temporary cooling system which provided the required redundancy during construction while not impeding on the Construction team.   The project was completed in 2012.


In 2008 BCER’s Telcom Team completed design on the Generator Replacement for the CenturyLink Southwest Central Office.  The existing 400 KW generator was located in the basement of the Central Office and the facility had outgrown its capacity.  The 400 KW generator was replaced with a new 800 KW generator, also located in the basement.  The building is located in a residential neighborhood, requiring the design team to follow the strict noise requirements of the City and State.  Acoustical sound baffles and insulation was incorporated into the generator room as well as the intake and exhaust plenums.  The project was completed in 2008.


The Telcom Team at BCER designed the Air Handler Replacement for the CenturyLink Central Office located in Breckenridge, CO in 2010.  The Breckenridge Facility is a critical facility providing telephone and internet services to the town.  The existing Air Handler no longer had the capacity to support the high heat demands of the Central Office.  The design team utilized the existing mechanical penthouse replacing the existing 18 ton Air Handling unit and Condensing unit with a new 25 ton System.  The system consists of built in redundancy, using dual supply fans and dual refrigerant circuits capable of providing 60% capacity should one fan or one refrigerant circuit fail.  The project was completed in 2011.


The CenturyLink Carbondale Central Office is located on Main St in Historic Carbondale, CO.  Over the last few years the Central Office outgrew its single 20 ton HVAC system with no redundancy.  With limited indoor space, and very low ceiling heights, the BCER design team had to design a new system that utilized a 30 ton rooftop unit, and rooftop ductwork, the existing system was left in service as the facilities redundant system.  Due the building’s historic location, the city has very strict sound and appearance restrictions, requiring the Design team to work very closely with the Rooftop manufacturer to design a unit that was produced very low sound as well as painted to match the buildings color.  The project was completed in 2011.


The Del Norte Central Office is located in Southern Colorado.  The existing Telcom room could no longer support the addition of new Telcom equipment, requiring expanding into the old office space in the building.  The existing HVAC system consisted of two 5 ton wall mounted AC units that provided the necessary cooling.  In addition to remodeling the old office space to accommodate the new Telcom equipment, the BCER team designed a new wall mounted AC unit to serve the new equipment.


Recently the BCER Telcom Design Team designed upgraded the air distribution to serve new Telcom Equipment at the Aurora Central Office.  The design utilized existing duct mains and Air Handling units, and provided new high velocity air nozzles to provide conditioned air down to the floor area in the Hot Aisle of the equipment.  Precise coordination with equipment and cable racking was required to properly condition the equipment.


In 2011, the Telcom Team completed the design for the Cooling Tower Replacement at the CenturyLink Pueblo Main Facility.  The Facility consists of two separate buildings that eventually were connected together.  The buildings share a single chilled water plant, but each building had its own cooling tower, which made controlling the system very difficult.  BCER designed the replacement of both Cooling towers to be located on top of the same building that houses the chiller plant, making piping and controls much simpler.  Condenser Water pumps and controls were also updated.  Due to the large demand for cooling in the building, the Chilled water system had to remain active throughout construction, requiring the design team to incorporate a temporary Air Cooled chiller into the existing system.  This project was completed in late 2011.