BCER Receives Colorado Sustainable Design Award: Residential Multifamily

1st place

Osage Apartments

Architect: Buchanan, Yonushewski Group LLC
Owner and developer: Denver Housing Authority
General Contractor: Milender-White Construction Co.
Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection Engineering and Energy Consultant: BCER Engineering, Inc.

1099 Osage Apartments is an eight-story, 100-unit housing development for low-income seniors and disabled residents. The mid-rise building features two wings, connected by a glass sunroom on each floor, taking advantage of the optimal solar orientation. Units feature energy-efficient appliances, CAT 5 wiring for Internet access and cable wiring.
The building is expected to receive LEED Platinum certification and will use 50 percent less energy than a comparable code-compliant building.
1099 Osage Apartments is the first of several developments defining a new standard for sustainable neighborhood development developed by the Denver Housing Authority (DHA).

  • The first multifamily graywater reuse system in the state and first PLDs (porous landscape detention). The pilot graywater reuse system for 25 percent of building occupants will help achieve a 40 percent reduction in water use from LEED baseline. Wastewater from showers and sinks will be recirculated to fill toilets.
  • Ground-source heat pump system for building cooling and heating.
  • Daylight-focused design.
  • Operable windows in each unit allow for air flow. Low-SHGC glass was used to prevent over-heating in the summer and reduce utility bills.