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The Aspen-Pitkin County Airport which is located in the magnificent Roaring Fork Valley has undergone multiple additions and renovations over its 64 year history.  The intent of the project is to renovate and bring up to current codes the existing Aspen Airport Terminal. The airport terminal is a single story, 45,000 square foot facility that has had some renovations and upgrades over the last 30 years, including an expansion in the 1980’s.  LEED and other sustainable strategies are a consideration in the study. This study identified existing conditions of the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and the code/life safety deficiencies.  Also included in the report were recommendations and preliminary pricing to correct deficiencies identified through the field surveys.  From a code and life safety standpoint Rondinelli Life Safety, a BCER Group, assessed this single story facility for deficiencies as they pertain to NFPA, ADA, NEC, as well as local jurisdiction code requirements.  The assessment extended to interior and exterior items as they relate to access to public and employee lots and amenities.  In addition to understanding the code implications of the existing facility, BCER assisted with the assessment of the age and efficiency of the existing facility to aid in determining the benefit of repairing or even replacing the facility.  Systems included from a Mechanical and Electrical Standpoint were building envelope efficiency as it relates to current methods, review existing HVAC, water, sewer, electrical systems, and maintenance requirements, along with other expected maintenance needs.

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