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Gulf Coast Petroleum Plant

Safety, comfort, alertness, communication, and redundancy are all primary criteria for the Central Control Buildings (CCBs) for the Gulf Coast Petroleum Plant and their occupants/operators. Pairing the mission criteria with the specific program criteria, BCER has engineered redundant primary power sources, blast protected redundant heating/cooling, blast protected redundant safe haven pressurization systems, and robust technology systems to ensure 24/7 operation of CCBs. Variable heating, cooling, and lighting levels combined with underfloor supply air systems and individual control in control rooms promote an environment to increase operator alertness. The toxic mitigation and blast resistant systems provided an increase in the level of safety for the end users. The Marathon Central Control Building was located within their Garyville, Louisiana refinery. The design requirements included pressurization, blast hardening, safe haven, and redundant power and HVAC systems.

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Project Details

Garyville, Louisiana