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  • CU Stearns Towers Housing
  • CU Stearns Towers Housing
  • CU Stearns Towers Housing
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CU – Stearns Towers Housing

BCER Engineering is serving as Prime Consultant for this student
housing maintenance project at the University of Colorado Boulder
East Campus. BCER performed an entire building survey for Stearns
West for the fire alarm system, including initiation devices, notification
devices, main panel and power supplies; for the replacement of devices
as necessary to bring the building up to current intelligent devices and
make the building safer for students.

During the design process, BCER guided CU through the necessary
equipment upgrades to ensure that the project stayed within budget, and
that the system would interface with the other two fire alarm systems
in Stearns East and Stearns Central. The networked system for the
buildings is very complex, and our knowledge of fire alarm systems
ensured a smooth integration process.

Our Envelope subconsultant performed an exterior building skin
evaluation, assessing the condition of the brick façade, window seals,
windows, and overall condition of the envelope. The report and repairs
will help with getting the building weatherproof and stop infiltration from
the elements. This will help prolong the life of the building, and lower
energy costs for the University.

BCER is proud to be a partner with one of Colorado’s most prestigious
universities and continues to provide prime consulting services for the
Housing facilities at CU.

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