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Union Denver

1777 Wewatta, or Union Denver, is a high-rise residential building in
downtown Denver with three towers with a shared podium level. There
are multiple mercantile occupancies at the first floor, with the remainder
being luxury apartments. The building is provided with vertical stair
and hoistway pressurization systems in the residential towers. The
residential towers are provided with floor-by-floor smoke exhaust per the
requirements of the 2016 Denver International Fire Code Amendments.
There are additional smoke exhaust systems serving the various
mercantile occupancies. BCER was retained to complete fire alarm
acceptance testing for the building as well as be the 3rd party inspector
for the smoke control systems. All initiating devices in the building were
tested to confirm proper interface with the smoke control system. BCER
also witnessed the Denver Fire Department’s final testing of the system.

Project Details

Denver, Colorado

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