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Aims Community College – Greeley, CO

BCER provided Security, Telecommunications, and Audiovisual consulting
services for some major renovations on the Greeley Campus of Aims
Community College. The renovations included six different buildings on
the campus.

• Hanson Building – Full Gut & Remodel of 11,000 sf
• Existing 7 Stall Vehicle Maintenance was Demolished
• Existing Public Safety Institute Building was Demolished – 33,000 sf
• New Fleet Operations, Warehousing, Vehicle Repair & Maintenance with Exterior Service Yard & Storage 20,000 sf
• Existing Welding Building – Full Remodel, MEP Systems, Exterior & Roof, 17,000 sf
• Industrial Trades Building – 20,000 sf Addition

BCER takes great pride in helping our higher education campuses
prepare for the future by expanding and remodeling facilities and
updating technology that is available to students in the classroom,
around the campus and online.

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