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  • Greeley Fire Station 2
  • Greeley Fire Station 2
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  • Greeley Fire Station 6
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Greeley Fire Stations #2 & #6

Station #2
The newly renovated three-bay building allowed for more space for equipment and personnel. Station 2 was originally built in 1958 and with the new upgrade, community safety was the first priority. The entrance and exit was moved from the busy 23rd Avenue to Reservoir Road.

Station #6
The growth of Greeley has prompted the city to provide additional fire safety services. The city now has seven stations with the completion of Station 6, the first new station to open in Greeley since 2001.

The project scope of Station 6 included a traffic signal, construction of 29th Street, and fiber-optic work. The station includes a work area and office space for the Greeley Police Department.

BCER provided technology services including new telecom, new and upgraded security systems, and audiovisual, and low voltage for these two fire stations.

Project Details

Greeley, CO

Square Footage:
30,852-Station 2 / 18,471-Station 6



City of Greeley

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