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Cheltenham Elementary School

Denver Public Schools, founded in 1859, has approximately 200 schools serving 90,000 students.  BCER has shared the path with DPS of continually updating facilities to match the needs of today’s programs and learning standards providing the learning base needed in developing years.  Cheltenham Elementary (Pre-K through 5th grade, serving over 500 students, located just west of Mile High Stadium) recently received upgrades to assist in maintaining these standards.  These upgrades pertain to both children occupied spaces and infrastructure upgrades. BCER provided Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Technology design services to;

  • Technology design services to;
  • Remodel of existing classroom pods
  • Updated low voltage technology systems to serve the renovated classrooms including a Public Address System.
  • Replace end of life steam boilers with new high efficiency condensing boilers
  • Replace end of life domestic hot water steam heat exchanger with new high efficiency instantaneous water heater.
  • Clean existing ductwork distribution system.
  • Increase quantity of illuminated exit signs at path of egress.

Project Details

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SYBAZZ Architecture

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