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AHEC – Library Master Plan & Renovation

Auraria Library commissioned the A/E design team to provide the AHEC with a master plan for the renovation of the existing AHEC Library originally built in 1976. BCER provided Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Services for the Master Plan. The goal was to create an environment that supports excellence in teaching and learning; research and creative work; community engagement and workforce preparation; and exploration of a rich, diverse information environment. Highlights of the project include Discovery Wall: The Auraria Library Discovery Wall was created as a resource designed to showcase and disseminate campus-created and academic content to the Auraria Community; Writing Wall: The Discovery Wall was part of a large glass structure where the reverse side is a community Writing Wall. Students are welcome to interact with the Wall; 1st Floor North and South Computing Areas: New computing areas were configured to provide more space for individuals and groups. North and South Computing areas featured new furniture, desktop computers, and additional electrical outlets for charging devices; 2nd Floor East Computing Area: Creation of this computing area added approximately 20 computers for use in the quiet zone of the 2nd floor; Second Floor Group Study Rooms: Six new Group Study Rooms were created on the 2nd floor. The rooms feature: glass walls, chairs, tables, large LCD screens, whiteboards, and wireless access; Defining Library Zones: The conceptualization of the Library into zones guides design choices. The six zones are: Research, Discovery, Knowledge, Community, Collaborative, and Quiet; The Research Bar: The Research Bar was an example of the Discovery Zone that was successfully incorporated in the Library and has been added to the future Library renovations; Research Zone: This zone features 12 new 27″ Macs with specialized software, new furniture, and ADA compliant computers/software; Collaborative Study Space: A large collaborative study space was created on the south side of the 1st floor by moving Government Publications to the 2nd floor and moving Periodicals to the north side of 1st floor; Service Consolidation: An Ask Us Desk, Tech Help Desk, Research Help Desk, and a Chat/IM Research Assistance was created; Entrance Renovation: The Library’s entrance was designed to create an environmentally friendly vestibule and to highlight the building which integrated the Library building into the campus; Collaborative High-Tech Library Classrooms: A new classroom on the north side of the 1st floor features flexible furniture, high definition projectors, and a layout conducive to active learning; Network and Wireless Upgrades: The network infrastructure will be updated to meet the demand for more bandwidth and to improve wireless access in the building as well as in the courtyards and the new terrace space; Nine Group Study Alcoves: Nine study alcoves were created on the 1st Floor and are available on a first come, first serve basis; First Floor Community Zone Improvements: The northwest corner near the Café was renovated to include new carpet, painted ceiling, new lights, and an enlarged Café; Lighting System Upgrades: The lighting systems improved to reduce glare, be more energy efficient, and to provide much needed light on the 2nd floor; HVAC Upgrades: The entire HVAC system was upgraded to a high efficiency system enhancing the Library environment; Restrooms, 2nd Floor: The 2nd floor Restrooms were completely gutted and redesigned. New 2nd floor restrooms feature more space and accessibility; Special Collections: The new Special Collections features: a Reading Room, new chairs and tables, preparation for a rare book collection and a controlled environment for collections; “Library Living Room”: This calm, comfortable place offers current periodicals and newspapers on new shelving and features new comfortable seating and coffee tables with electrical outlets.

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