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Wild Blue ViaSat

Wild Blue/Viasat is an internet provider for remote regions of the country. The project consisted of the tenant build-out of approximately 80,000sf on 2-1/2 floors at 349 Inverness for ViaSat/WildBlue.  The first floor space consists of production storage, RF lab, a work Area, machine shop, general storage, general office and the raised floor lab and storage area.  The first floor is a partial floor build-out.  The second floor space consists of a break room, RMON workshop, training rooms, conference & huddle rooms, and general offices space. The third floor space consists of a coffee house, the EBC/NOC, situation room, conference & huddle rooms, storage, and general office space.  The project team worked toward achieving a LEED Gold CI certification.

Project Details

Centennial, Colorado

Square Footage:



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